Configuring MS SQL Server

These are the requisites for Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Analytics to use MS SQL Server:

1. An MS SQL Server 2005 (or higher) installation that is accessible from the machine running Thinfinity® Remote Workspace.

2. Create a blank database with permissions to Create/Modify tables and Read/Insert/Update data.

3. Go to the 'Permissions' tab in the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager, and press the 'Configure Analytics' button.

4. Access the Microsoft SQL Server Data Link Properties and configure the connection:

4.1 Enter the server name and complete the information to log in to the server.

4.2 Select the database created in step 2.

4.3 Choose whether you want to use Windows NT credentials or MSSQL credentials.

4.4 "Test connection" in order to verify the settings. You should see the following message :

4.5 Press "Yes"

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