Enabling Remote Sound

The remote sound feature allows you to listen to the sound playing on the remote machine.
Follow the next steps to enable the remote sound on Thinfinity® Remote Workspace.
If you are using:
Access Profiles:
Enable remote sound on the Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Configuration Manager:
  • Go to the 'Access Profiles' tab.
  • Edit the profile where you want to enable remote sound.
  • Go to the 'Resources' tab.
  • Check the 'Enable Sound' option:
  • The default sound quality is the 'Optimal'. You can increase the quality, by setting it up to 'Excellent', or make it lower, to gain performance.
  • On the Web Interface, connect to a remote machine using this profile and try to listen to any sound playing remotely.
Other authentication methods (none, "+" profile):
Enable sound right before connecting on the web interface:
  • Once on the web interface, click on the Edit button
    (pen on the top-right corner of the Profile button) and go to the 'Resources' tab.
  • Check the option 'Enable Remote Sound':
  • Choose the quality.
  • Connect and play a remote sound from your preferred browser.