Setting up a Hyper-V Profile

When you can't access your Hyper-V Virtual Machine through a direct IP address or computer name, or you want to protect this virtual machine location, you can use the Hyper-V GUID to locate the virtual machine inside a Hyper-V Server.

Follow the next steps and learn how to configure a Hyper-V profile:

  • Add a new profile.

  • On the 'Computer' field, inform the Hyper-V Server name or IP address.

  • Check the option 'Connect to a Hyper-V Virtual Machine'.

  • Complete the 'Credentials' necessary to authenticate against the Hyper-V Virtual Machine.

  • If you know the Virtual Machine ID (GUID), you can inform it on the field 'Virtual machine' and skip the next step.

  • If you don't know the Virtual Machine GUID, click on the 'Browse' button and a search dialog will be presented:

a. Click on the Connect button and the list of virtual machines located on the Informed Hyper-V Server will be presented:

b. If the Hyper-V Server requires authentication you can enter the credentials on the "Use these credentials" box, and the press Connect.

c. Once the Collection is selected you can double-click on it or click on 'Ok'.

d. The virtual machine GUID will be set on the correspondent field.

  • The other profile settings should be configured like any regular profile (Display, Resources, Program, Experience, Advanced, Printer, Permissions, Restrictions, Access Hours, Authentication Methods)

  • Once you are done configuring the profile, press 'Ok' and then 'Apply'.

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