Creating a Web Folder Access Profile

  • Go to the Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Configuration Manager's 'Access Profiles' tab.

  • Press 'Add' > 'Web Folder' to create a new profile and the following window will be presented:




Use this field to change the profile name. The profile name is shown to users to identify the connection.

Virtual Path

The Virtual Path will create a unique URL address for this connection. The complete path will consist of: http(s)://ThinfinityDomain:port/VirtualPath/. The users can then create a web shortcut to this connection in particular and bypass the Thinfinity® Remote Workspace web interface.

Access Key

Used in combination with Thinfinity® Remote Workspace SDK to access this profile.

New Key

Change the Access Key to disable access through the current key and provide access through a new one.

Select Label

Prompts you to select an existing Label for this specific profile.


Click on the Icon gray box to load an icon image for the profile. This image will be shown with the profile name to the authenticated user in the web interface.

Local server

With this option, you can point to a folder within the server where Thinfinity® Remote Workspace is installed.

Server URL

If 'Local server' is disabled, you can point to the server with the folder you wish to share in here.

Root Path

Specify the path of the folder you wish to share.

Use the authenticated credentials

Sets a Single sign-on schema. The application credentials will be used to log in automatically on the remote desktop.

Ask for new credentials

Prompt the user for new credentials to access the remote desktop.

Use these credentials

If the credentials informed here are correct, this option will connect the user automatically to the remote desktop on selecting the profile, or after authenticating on Thinfinity® Remote Workspace, if this is the only profile the user has.

You can find more information on each property that you can modify on the Web Link Profile Editor here:

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