Mouse Control

Right after you get connected to a remote desktop or application the remote desktop mouse will be available.

Take a look on the table below to see how you can control the remote mouse through the mobile screen.

The third column specifies the mobile gesture that corresponds to the described mouse action.



Moving the mouse around

In order to move the remote desktop mouse you should drag your finger softly touching the mobile screen. You don't need to drag your finger exactly on the mouse draw position in order to make it move. Wherever the mouse is, it will start moving.

Sometimes the mouse is hidden. In that case, keep dragging the finger towards different directions until you can see it on the screen.

Regular click

In order to click some element on the remote desktop you need to first position the mouse draw over this element (a icon, or a menu for example).

Once you have position the mouse draw over the element, give a quick touch on the element.

Double click

Just like on the regular click you need to first position the mouse draw over this element you want to double click.

After that give two quick touches on the element.

Right click

When you open a connection through a mobile, Thinfinity® Remote Workspace provides an special side menu. The second button is used exactly to right click an element of the remote desktop.

As for the regular and double click, first of all you need to position the mouse over the element you want to right click.

After that touch the second side menu button (the button has a mouse picture with the right button highlighted in red).


Drag and drop

To drag and drop elements of the remote desktop to the following:

a. Touch the element you want to drag. Do not release your finger.

b. Drag the finger towards the position you want to take the element to.

c. When you get to the position you wanted, release the finger from the screen.

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