You can find the following options on the RDP Profile Editor's 'Display' tab:



Color Depth

Choose the color depth for the remote computer view. If Remote FX is enabled, the color depth will be set to 32bit regardless of what is stated in this field. Read more about the conditions under which Remote FX will be enabled.


Choose from the available list of resolutions including "Fit to browser window" and "Fit to screen", ideal for hiding the browser and working on a full screen mode.

Image Quality

The connection image quality is very related with the application performance (higher quality=lower performance).

The default Image quality is Optimum, because it presents the best cost benefit relationship between quality and performance. If you need to have more quality or better performance, take a look at the other options below:

Highest - Uses PNG images only (0% compression)

Optimum - Combines PNG and JPEG images (20% compression).

Good - Uses JPEG images only (40% compression)

Fastest - Uses JPEG images only (50% compression).

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