In the Instance section, you will be able to manage, check the status of your Virtual Machines, and have a quick overview of the deployment.


On: When the VM is on, it will show a 'green' status.

Off: When the VM is off, it will show a 'red' status.

Starting: When the VM is starting, it will show an 'orange' status.

Disabled: When the VM is disabled, it will show a 'gray' status.


Refresh Button: This button will force refresh of the status page.

Search: Use this to search a specific VM

Name: Name of the VM

IP Address: IP Address of the VM

Deployment ID: Deployment ID this VM was based on.

Resource Group: The Resource Group it belong to in Azure

Location: The Azure Region the VM is located.

Users: The user that has access to this VM

Actions: Here you will be able to manage the VM. You can either start, stop or delete this VM.

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