Activate a Serial Number Offline

Manual Activation is an activation option only for those cases when you want to activate Thinfinity® Remote Workspace in a machine that has no internet connection, or an internet connection restricted by heavy security policies that block a regular activation.

· If you haven't tried a regular activation, follow these instructions: Activate a Serial Number Online.

· If your internet restrictions are caused by a proxy, follow these instructions: Proxy Activation.

Before you continue with the steps to perform a manual activation, please contact us.

In order to register a license for Thinfinity® Remote Workspace via the offline method, please follow these steps:

  • If you haven't installed Thinfinity® Remote Workspace yet, please check this article first:

  • After installing Thinfinity® Remote Workspace, you'll be prompted with the following window when you open it for the first time. Check the third option 'Activate a Serial Number offline' then hit 'Next':

  • In this window you would need to input the 'Serial' key and click on 'Generate Activation Key' to create an 'Activation Key' that you would need to send to us via email to




Enter the license Serial number to generate the manual activation key

Generate Manual Key

After you have entered the serial number, press this button to generate the Manual Activation Key.

Manual Activation Key

After you press the 'Generate Manual Key' button, a Manual Activation Key will appear in this field. Send this Manual Activation Key to support.

  • Once you receive our email reply with the Smart Key needed to complete the offline activation process, you should be able to copy it and paste it on this field, then click 'Next':



Manual License

The support team will reply with the Manual License, a code that you will enter in the field above.


Press this button once you have performed the previous steps to complete your license activation.

  • You have now completed the offline registration for your Thinfinity® Remote Workspace license! Click on 'Finish' to exit the Wizard:

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