The Demo Applications

We have packed with the Thinfinity® Remote Workspace installation two example applications that use Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Web Service to manipulate Access Profiles.

If you have already installed Thinfinity® Remote Workspace WebService, you can access the demos from the Windows Start menu: All Programs/Thinfinity/Thinfinity Remote Workspace Demos.

Both applications were developed in C# and were designed to present you the many integration possibilities the Web Service provides you.

In order to compile this application, you can use the Microsoft Visual C# Studio 2010 Express. Download it here.

ThinRDPWS application example:

This application teaches you how to integrate each WebService method available.

Observe that the Filter part uses the methods GetAllProfiles (none), FindByComputer and FindByUserName. The FindByID method is used every time a profile is selected and loaded on the screen visual components.

The CreateProfile method is also always available. After selecting one listed profile the DeleteProfile, UpdateProfile and NewPublicKey will also became available.

The whole data you have modified will only be confirmed through the Commit method. If you want to cancel and not confirm the modifications, use the rollback method.

ThinRDPWS-CRUD application example:

This example shows how to create profiles simply associating Users and Computers, without any other setup. Be aware that this example is not committing the changes, so the created profiles won't be available on your Thinfinity® Remote Workspace application, until you call the Commit method on the Web Service.

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