Multi-touch Redirection

Multi-touch Redirection for desktop touch devices:

Thinfinity® Remote Workspace now supports Multi-touch input in desktop touch devices. This means you can use touch options remotely, as long as the Windows version of the remote desktop supports touch input.

Where multitouch is supported, the remote Windows desktop will receive your touch input and interpret it as if you were touching the remote screen.

Multi-touch Redirection will work in desktop touch devices as long as the browser supports touch features and the OS of the remote desktop can interpret it. Otherwise, or if you disable this option, all touch input will be interpreted as mouse movements.

Thinfinity® Remote Workspace will redirect the touch of up to 10 simultaneous fingers for it to be interpreted by Windows.

Mouse Gestures for mobile devices:

When you are using a mobile device, the mouse movements are replaced with touch. Using mouse gestures, you can combine mouse movements and clicks which Thinfinity® Remote Workspace recognizes as a specific command. Mouse gestures can provide quick access to common functions of a program. They can also be useful for people who have difficulties typing on a keyboard.

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