The Deployment Schedules will allow you to automate the start/Create and stop/destroy of you VMs. This will save time to your users

Search: Use this to search for a Schedule

Description: Description of the Deployment Schedule.

Actions: Here you can edit or delete the Deployment Schedule

Adding Deployment Schedules

ID: Add a name/ID for the Deployment Schedule.

Description: Add a description for the Deployment Schedule.


Initial instances: Initial number of VMs Thinfinity will spawn.

Lazy Instances: Number of instances that will spawn and keep idle when all initial instances are in use.

Max Instances: Maximum number of instances Thinfinity will spawn.


Create/Destroy: Select the duration for the Deployment Schedule.

Start Before: Select how many minutes in advanced the VM will start.

Stop After: Select how many minutes after the session is disconnected to deallocate the VM.



-Access Hours: Define the day and time your application will be available to your users.

-Start/Stop: Define the time the VM will start and stop.

Deployment Schedule: Here you will be able to add the weekly schedules for the VM(s) by day and time.

Exception Dates: Here you can add exceptions, for instance, non-labor days.

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