Web Manager

In order to edit public profiles in the Thinfinity Remote Workspace web interface, you will have to assign a Web Manager in Thinfinity Remote Workspace Configuration Manager.

Here is a "Step by step" on how to enable the Web Manager Permissions for a Domain or local user on Thinfinity Remote Workspace.

First, we need to open the Configuration Manager of Workspace and go to the tab Permissions

Once in the Permissions tab, we need to add a user to "Users and Groups" by Clicking "Add"

Then, type the name of the user you wish to add, click on check, and then on OK to confirm.

Once we've added the user to "Users and Groups", we need to grant them the "Web Manager" permissions by selecting the user (by clicking on it first), and then enabling the feature “Web Manager” option, as seen below

Once this is done, all that is left to do is click on "Apply", in the bottom right corner of the Configuration Manager to save the changes.

If we go now to the landing page of Thinfinity Remote Workspace, we will see, once we log on with this user, that we have access to new options.

These options will allow us to create new labels, and different types of connections for our users, as well as edit existing ones, without the necessity of accessing the Configuration Manager.

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