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Security and privacy are essential when accessing remote desktops through the Internet. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace provides a reliable, state-of-the-art security that keeps the exchanged information safe.
Secure connections
All the connections to Thinfinity® Remote Workspace from the browser are performed over HTTPS. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace provides you with the means to install your own 256-bit SSL certificate.
Authentication levels
Thinfinity® Remote Workspace allows you to set different authentication levels. You can choose a simple User/Password authentication and specify your own credentials, or Active Directory authentication, which will enable you to authenticate against Windows local or domain users.
Access Profiles
The profile configuration gives you the possibility to restrict the access of different Active Directory users to different computers, thus strengthening the company's security scheme.
If you want to integrate Thinfinity® Remote Workspace authentication with external applications, read the External Authentication and Single-Sign-On topics.