Installing Components

In this section you will learn how to set up Thinfinity® Remote Workspace's components in a load-balancing network configuration.
Thinfinity® Remote Workspace has two basic services: the Broker Service and the Reverse Gateway Service.
Broker and HTML5 Services: Under this role, Thinfinity® Remote Workspace only processes forwarded connections. The Broker is responsible for establishing and processing the connections assigned by the Gateway.
In case any established connection fails, or a Server falls down, the Gateway will be able to reconnect to the Server that has the highest availability at the moment.
Reverse Gateway Service: Under this role, the Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Gateway services respond to all web-page requests and, when a connection is solicited, it selects the appropriate Server to forward that request to.
Before configuring a distributed environment, you should go over some steps:
1. Choose out of the possible Scaling and Load Balancing Configurations the one that best fits your needs.
2. Plan which machines will run Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Broker Services, and which will run Gateway Services and DNS Servers.
3. Make sure all the IP addresses are public to the web browsers that will access Thinfinity® Remote Workspace.