How To Install a Secondary Broker

The secondary broker is triggered by a registry key. You will have to install the broker services first and then edit a registry key to change it’s behavior. Below you will find a step by step on how to configure this:

  • Execute Thinfinity® Remote Workspace’s Installer. Accept the License Agreement, then click on 'Next':

  • Select the “Broker and HTML5 Services” option and click on Next:

  • Select the Installation destination folder and click on Next:

  • Now, click on “Install” to install the Thinfinity® Workspace components:

How to Enable Secondary Broker Option

  • Open the registry (run: regedit) and search the following directory: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cybele Software\Thinfinity\Workspace

  • Double click on BrokerRole and replace the value primary for secondary:

Configuring Pool, NetworkID, and Gateway

  • Open the Thinfinity® Configuration Manager (Start > Thinfinity > Thinfinity Configuration Manager), and configure the required parameters, Pool, NetworkID, and Gateway URL:

Pool: Use this parameter to specify the pool the secondary broker will use

Network ID: Use this parameter to specify the Network environment that the secondary broker will use

Gateway List: Input the URL of the Thinfinity® Gateway. Click on “Add” and complete the URL information. Always specify the security protocol (HTTP/ HTTPS) and the connection port.

(e.g. https://My_Gateway_DNS:443)

Finally, click on Apply to save the changes.

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