To enable the Booking feature "to organizers only" we need to go first to the profile we want to use, and click on the "edit" button And in similar fashion to the "attendees only" option, got to the bottom of the options given, and in Bookings, select "Organizers"
Bear in mind that is necessary to add a user as an organizer by clicking on "+ Add" before we can continue as organizers

How to do bookings as an organizer

To make a new booking as an organizer first we need to click on the icon of the calendar, in the top right corner of the screen
Then we will get the calendar to select the date:
Select if it will be a booking for yourself or a group. In this example will show how to create a booking for a group:
Select the resource you wish to book:
Select the date/schedule, for this example, will use the 'Recurrent' option:
Add the attendees:
Fill the name for the booking:
After applying the changes you will get a confirmation message:

These are the settings you can change for each booking from the options in the 'Resource Reservation' panel: