OAuth 2.0

Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Configuration Manager's authentication can be integrated with Google OAuth 2.0 or a custom OAuth 2.0 server. Version 4.0 has added support for OpenID Protocol as well.

Enable OAuth 2.0 and complete your client ID and secret in The 'Methods' tab. Click on 'Add', choose the authentication method you wish to configure. Finally, map the external users to Windows users in The 'Mappings' tab.

Note: Only when the 'Only use external authentication' option in the 'Authentication' tab is checked and OAuth 2.0 is the only SSO method enabled in the 'SSO' tab, a connection to the Thinfinity® Remote Workspace landing page or virtual path will be redirected to the OAuth 2.0 authentication and then return to the landing page or virtual path.

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