Web Services API

The Web Services API is intended to allow external applications to access and manipulate some of Thinfinity® Remote Workspace data and settings.

Thinfinity® Remote Workspace has two different Web Services available:

a. Profiles Web Service:

If you need to manipulate Thinfinity® Remote Workspace users and their permissions from an external software application, you can use the Profiles Web Services to perform this task. If you don't know how to use the Access Profiles feature, take a look at the section that explains it's use and behavior.

b. Analytics Web Service:

The Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Analytics feature is included since version This feature keeps statistic data of Thinfinity® Remote Workspace logins, sessions, connections and used browsers. The Analytics Web Service allows external applications to access these information.

Requirements for the Web Service API:

The integration has to be done at a programming level. You will need to develop or modify an application which will act as the Web Service requester and this application will have to implement the Thinfinity® Remote Workspace Web Service interface.

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