Thinfinity® Remote Workspace

Administrator’s Guide

What is Thinfinity® Remote Workspace?

It's the first integrated solution to virtualize your applications, desktops, data, and access any host from a unified portal. Thinfinity® Remote Workspace delivers remote and virtual desktops to any device with an HTML5 Browser anywhere.

Technology details:

The application takes advantage of the HTML5 technology and interoperates with almost every platform and browser.

Thinfinity® Remote Workspace does not require Java, ActiveX, or any other setup on the end-user side and can be used from almost any device.

Furthermore, Thinfinity® Remote Workspace grants access to applications and desktops running on Windows Terminal Services. You can even remote into RDS / VDI platforms, such as session-based applications or virtual desktops.

Thanks to Thinfinity® Remote Workspace's cross-browser, cross-platform capability, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS users can remote login into Windows desktops and work with single applications through their favorite browser. The application supports Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other HTML5 capable web browsers.

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