How to install Thinfinity® WebBridge

You'll find the steps to install Thinfinity® WebBridge below:

  • First-off, download Thinfinity® WebBridge on the server and run the setup 'Thinfinity_RDTools_v6.0_Setup_x64.exe'.

Bear in mind, Thinfinity® WebBridge has to be installed on the Remote Desktop machine you wish to upload/download files to/from. The client computer does not require to install any plug-in or add-on.

  • In the first screen, press 'Next':

  • Accept the License Agreement and press 'Next':

  • Select the Destination Folder and press 'Next':

  • Click 'Install':

  • After the installation completes, press 'Finish':

Now you should be ready to connect to this server and use the WebBridge drive. To find more details on how to use WebBridge, please navigate to the next section "User Experience".

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